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  • STAINLESS & HIGH ALLOY SAND CASTINGS by the latest technology in automated high production no-bake or short run green sand for steels, stainless, duplex, and high alloys along with Ni-hard, high chrome and manganese steel for wear applications up to 10,000 pounds. Steel castings to 100,000 pounds with in-house machining.

  • BRONZE, & BRASS SAND CASTINGS for proto-type parts or high production, from ounces to 12 tons poured weight. Electric or gas melting with your parts machined to print.

  • BRONZE SHEET & PLATE - mill direct, rolled to 4" thick with full certifications.

  • SHELL MOLD CASTINGS - carbon steel, stainless and high alloys from 1# to 200#; reduce cost on sand cast parts while improving tolerances and surface finish. In-house X-ray, 3-D Cad computer evaluation, Rapid Proto-type Stereolithography and machining facilities. Bronze and aluminum production to 45# and casting tolerances to +/-.002.

  • CENTRIFUGAL CASTINGS in diameters from 4" to 72" and lengths to 25 feet. Up to 13 tons poured weight in bronze along with 25,000# in iron and 12,000# in steel with complete machining in-house. Ductile iron, gray iron, iron alloys, stainless steel, carbon steel, low-allow steel, heat resistant steel, dual metals, brass, bronze, Inconel, Monel, nickel-alloy families, copper-alloy families, copper-nickel, ductile Ni-resist and Ni-resist.

  • INVESTMENT CASTINGS in all alloys up to 70 pounds in short or medium production runs. Full tooling, testing lab, the latest technical QA equipment and CNC machining in-house.

  • ALUMINUM SAND AND PERMANENT MOLD from ounces to 100 pounds, automatic molding equipment; 5 permanent and 2 conventional machines. Machining, shot cleaning, polishing, welding and painting done in our shop.

  • BRONZE - CONTINUOUS CAST AND EXTRUDED C93200 (SAE 660), aluminum bronze, manganese bronzes and most other 800 & 900 series. Military alloys to MIL-I-45208 and aircraft AMS 4640-D and AMS 4880-B.

  • DUCTILE & IRON SAND CASTINGS simple to multi-cored castings from a few castings to high production requirements, castings from 1 ounce to 16,000 pounds with complete machining and assembly.

  • DIE CASTINGS in brass, manganese, aluminum and zinc in the latest pouring techniques. CNC in-house machining.

  • FORGINGS & ROLLED RINGS (press / hammer / GFM) drop forgings, special shapes, flanges, rings, discs, precision rotary forged bars and stepped shafts in bronze to 3,900 pounds. Also duplex, stainless, beryllium coppers, high nickel alloys, and more. To 60,000 pounds or 240" diameter and 49" high. Impression die forgings from 10 to 650 pounds, low-to-medium runs of parts from 30" in diameter or 50" long in carbon, alloy and stainless.

  • FABRICATION in full code shops including ASME section VIII, Div. 1 for pressure vessels, MIL-Q-9858, and ASME Section III, Nuclear. Precision fabrication and machining from 1 pound to 50 tons. Full in-house machining and testing.

  • MACHINING with manual for short or medium run or computer controlled tools (CNC) equipment with various secondaries to manufacture custom and second source parts and assemblies, plus Swiss screw and multi-spindle machines for precision and production parts.

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