Some Of Our Principals

Southwest Custom Sales has formed numerous alliances through the years. We are proud to represent some of the nation's finest foundries, forge shops, machine shops and fabricators. Here is just a partial list of our principals:

The Westley Group - is a multi-foundry group offering centrifugal castings up to 6 feet diameter and 12 tons poured or copper-based static castings from high production runs or special requirements up to 12 tons poured weight. All our Westley foundries are qualified to ISO 9001: 2000.

Copper Alloys Ltd. - is a British bronze plate mill offering aluminum bronze such as C61300, C61400 and C63000 rolled plate up to 4” thick. They also produce continuous cast shapes in various copper-based alloys up to 12 ¾” diameter plus forged rings, discs, blocks and bar. Their facilites are totally ISO and Lloyds of London Certified.

Eagle Alloy, Inc. - is promoted as our “flagship” steel & stainless foundry for 20 years and they are among the strongest and largest Shell-mold foundries in the country. Our ultra-modern facilities are currently offering a 5 week lead-time for rough castings. Shell mold castings cost less and offer many distinct advantages over sand castings. (see our technical pages or call Southwest Custom).

Eagle Precision Cast Parts, Inc. - offers investment castings to “net shape” or “near net shape”, holding tolerance of +/-.005 per inch and maintain a surface finish of 125 RMS which reduces your machining costs, creating savings for many of our customers. Castings range from an ounce to 60 pounds in most ferrous and non-ferrous alloys.

Eagle Aluminum - produces thin walled aluminum sand castings with molds up to 30" x 80". We also offer permanent mold castings from 1 to 20 pounds or 50” in diameter.

Penn Iron Works, Inc. - is a modern, heavy, custom plate fabricator and machine shop for components from 50 pounds to 45 tons in the more exotic alloys and stringent requirements. We supply the commercial nuclear markets, the defense industry (primarily the naval part of the military), a cross section of pressure vessels from specific industries and structural items.

Clifford-Jacobs - offers an ISO 9001 forge house specializing in low-to-medium runs of impression die forgings up to 30” diameter, 50” in length and up to 700 pounds in carbon, alloy and stainless materials.

Falk Corporation - produces steel sand castings from 1,000 pounds to 100,000 pounds with in-house heat treating, pattern shop and complete machining.

Blue Creek Foundry - is one of our small, but quick responding sand and centrifugally casting foundries, producing stainless, high alloys and chrome iron for wear, corrosion and heat resistant applications.

That is not the full line up, but it will give you an idea of our capabilities and the quality principals we represent. Southwest Custom Sales also manufactures pump replacement parts, power plant parts (Tube supports, nozzles, etc.) and many other products in our facilities.

Be sure to check out the Technical Information section for the conversion calculators and articles.

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