Continuous Casting

Continuous casting employs molten metal in a holding furnace, which is fed into a mold under a constantly maintained level and temperature. The mold is cooled by a water jacket, and the metal is solidified in the form of a rod, tube or special shape which is withdrawn continuously at a controlled speed. Required lengths are cut off by a travelling saw moving at the same speed as the cast shaper.

Completely enclosed within the furnace, the casting crucible is kept under a non-oxidizing atmosphere. Since it operates as a true gravity fed bottom-flow casting method, the process precludes the possible trapping of casual dirt and dross in the casting. Foreign matter in the crucible floats to the top of the melt without turbulence to introduce it into the cast product. Lower casting temperatures are possible and this, combined with the chill mold and the directional solidification inherent in this process, promotes a homogenous, fine-grained, high-density product with high yield.

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